How To Install Drawer Pulls?

Step By Step Instruction

To enhance the look and feel of your new or old kitchen drawers, a beautiful decorative hardware piece called a drawer pull can be added. Drawer pulls are very simple to add to any drawer or flat-faced cabinetry piece.

Unlike cabinet knobs, drawer pulls typically have two holes to enable the hardware piece to be mounted. Cabinet knobs typically only have one hole. Drawer pulls are a bit more complicated to install due to the fact that you have to drill two holes and not one.

Using A Back Plate To Cover Holes

When replacing drawer pulls you want to ensure that you match the same dimensions as your old hardware (holespacing, width and length). If you get new pulls that do not match the old pulls, chances are that the old markings on your cabinets from the old pull will show around the new pull. Now you can fudge your way around this by getting a drawer pull backplate. The backplate will typically cover up any old markings left on the cabinet from the old pull.

Matching Centers or Hole Spacings

If you are replacing the drawer pulls, the most important aspect is to make sure you match up the centers or hole spacing. The most common hole spacings are 2 1/2 inches (64mm), 3 inches (76mm), and 4 inches (102mm). The reason is so that you don’t have to re-drill the holes that already exist on your hardware. Holespacings also come in millimeters (mm).

Prepping the Cabinet Drawer

So now that you are ready, the first approach is to make sure that you have prepped the area and gathered the appropriate materials for installation. You are going to need the following items: a pencil, a measuring tape, a level, a drill with the right-sized drill bit, a screwdriver and your new cabinet knobs which you have purchased from Simply Knobs and Pulls to place onto the cabinets. Just for a note, it is a good idea to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

The first step, after you have gathered your necessary items and prepped your area, is to determine where you would like your drawer pulls to be in relation to the face of the cabinet drawer. Take your measuring tape and find the center of the drawer (if you are installing only one pull on the cabinet), or divide your drawer into quarters (if you are installing two pulls on the drawer). It’s a good idea to use painter’s tape and apply it to the place on the cabinet where you are going to make your markers. This will enable you to move your mark if need be and not leave a pencil or pen inscription on your cabinets. If you want to save a lot of time, use drilling templates. They make your job simple and make sure your holes are in the perfect spot every time. Check out our drilling templates. 

Installing The Hardware

When choosing the right cabinet pulls make sure that the screw that you are going to be using is the right sized screw to fit your drawer pull and go through the depth of your drawer. If the screw that you have purchased is too short or too long, you will need to cut the screw. For the sake of simplicity, it is best to let the hardware store do this for you or purchase the right-sized screw. Once you have made your markings on your cabinets, it is a good idea to check to see if you have measured correctly. Always remember the old adage, measure twice, cut once. Also, take your level to ensure that you have level holes. You don’t want to have drawer pulls that are cock eyed. Once you feel good about your placement of the hole, it is time to drill. Once you have drilled all of your holes, you can now install your cabinet hardware. Simply feed the screw through the back of the drawer and into the drawer pull screw threads. Do this will all of your drawer pulls.

Choosing the right drawer pulls for your cabinets is completely up to you. The best approach is to match the pre-existing decor in the room where you are installing the new hardware. It is also a good idea to try and compliment the finish of the cabinets. Doing so will make the hardware pop out and make the cabinets come to life.

By adding drawer pulls to your cabinets you can really make your kitchen or bathroom come to life. Good luck with your new hardware. 

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